Podcast: Episode 56: Chris McDougall - Author of "Born to Run" is still running - with Donkeys!

Chris Mcdougall

Once again Chris McDougall finds a seed of truth and sprouts it into a great story - this time the millennia-old bond between animals and humans, and how that connection can still nurture us. And frustrate us, if you've just entered a burro race.

"If you and that burro aren't of the same opinion where you're going and how fast, it can drag you up the side of a cliff or through a boulder field." - Ken Chlouber

The story brings Chris full circle, as he first witnessed burro racing at the same time when he visited Leadville to learn about the Tarahumara, who won the 100 mile race then disappeared back into Copper Canyon.

"You can't be a bully or a blowhard, and if that sounds more like one gender to you than another, you'll understand why men can struggle at this sport and women excel."

"Running With Sherman" was just released on October 15 - buy it here:


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