Podcast: Episode 57: Hillary Allen - What's new and cool in FKT action?

Hillary Allen - FKT Podcast

We discuss the highlights of the year so far, and note that unlike in previous years, there have been no major efforts on the AT, the PCT, or the JMT.  Why is that?

"FKTs in my opinion can leave the trails and be more creative.”

“And maybe the big routes have become too fast!”

The California 14ers were just done by a woman, it is somewhat uncommon for a woman to go solo on the technical routes; why is that?

"When I choose a partner for a technical route, I don’t care about gender, I care about their experience."

“And, maybe women are smarter.”

The Fastest Known Time of the Year Award will be back again this year, including a separate FKTOY for Europe.

"FKTOY is one of my favorite things, because even if the route isn’t something I’d do, it’s always so inspiring, so interesting.”

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