Podcast: Episode 59: Joe Grant - running, writing, and more

In 2016 Joe climbed all 57 Colorado 14ers, self-powered, riding his bike to each mountain, taking 31 days - and he didn’t bring a foam pad.  Earlier he entered the Colorado Trail Mountain Bike race - on a non-suspension bike with a leather saddle.

"An ideal aesthetic is not necessarily a rational thing, it's an emotional feeling."

He has finished 2nd, 3rd, and 6th at the iconic Hardrock 100.  He's done everything from the Iditarod Trail Invitation in the Alaskan winter, the Arizona Trail Race on a mountain bike, to the Tour de 14ers. UTMB was sort of an easy day for Joe.

Comfort does not create happiness - that's a bad but persistent modern myth - but when does a project become so hard it's not worth it? Joe is very thoughtful and articulate - listen as he answers these questions, AND, gives us a heads up on his upcoming project, "Home to Home", which uses both photography and music to share his recent Colorado Trail FKT. 

"Style matters"


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