Podcast: Episode 60: Speed vs Safety - a crucial topic with Bill Wright and Kyle Richardson

What is the relationship between speed and safety? What is the boundary and how do you know when you're hitting it? Ultrarunners have the fitness to get really far into the backcountry, but do they have the skill and experience to get back safely?

"People are drawn to these routes, because they're super aesthetic, iconic lines. But are they over their head?"

"You can download a .gpx file and just follow your watch on a trail, but on technical terrain, that doesn't work."

You need to practice. To take time. It's more rewarding to spend years, learning the craft. 

"Kyle did the First Flatiron over 320 times before setting the FKT."

"Kilian has zero chance of breaking Kyle's record on the LA Freeway"

What can we all do to be safer?  What are the best tips?

"By far what makes you safest is your mind."

"Don't be in a hurry to go fast."


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