Podcast: Episode 61: How to plan your big project - with Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell - FKT Podcast

Jared discusses the 4 key components (important links below) - - -

1) Planning

2) Gear

  • "The InReach Mini is amazing"
  • Trekking Poles are used for uphill power, downhill economy, erecting shelter, and stream crossings
  • "My packraft packs down to the size of a one liter bottle"
  • "The pack is key - it's where everything goes - gear must be organized and accessible in the front"
  • "My new favorite gear is the Katadyn BeFree" (filter can be used on other bottles)

3) Food

  • "The longer I do this, the more it looks like everyday food"
  • "I figure 300 cal/hour of moving time"

4) Strategy

  • "There's a lot of room for improvement just in strategy".
  • "You can beat someone who is fitter with better tactics"
  • "Us old guys like the thought of that." (BB)



Amazing content here!


I think this is the beauty of the FKT process, you have the creative freedom to get an edge over a competitor through logistics/planning/technique in a way unavailable in supported races. It becomes a test of body and mind in a whole new way. 


Thanks for the talk Jared (and Buzz)!

Thanks for the great conversation, resources, and ideas on this episode! The template and caltopo/google earth hints have already made planning our next adventure more robust, collaborative, and easier.