Podcast: Episode 62: "Partnerships" are critically important but rarely discussed - except with Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell - FKT Podcast

The success or failure - and misery or enjoyment - of a project is often dependent on your partner! Everyone intuitively knows this but we rarely hear any discussion about it - so let's discuss it with Jared Campbell.

Potential partners should talk in advance to ascertain:

  • Are we inspired by this route or is it a 'resumé-builder'?
  • Will there be media coverage or will it be private?
  • Is this "do or die'"or are we going to "see how it goes"?
  • Have the necessary technical skills been rehearsed in advance?

"This is what you signed up for!"

During the project keep discussing:

  • An honest look at each others condition
  • A frank assessment of the conditions and safety
  • It's a team effort - how can we work together, and maybe support someone who is struggling

"No mistakes now guys"