Podcast: Episode 63: Josh Sanders - How to Run Solo Across the Grand Canyon in one weekend (almost) starting from the Midwest

Josh Sanders and Buzz Burrell - FKT Podcast

Josh has run in 13 different countries in a single day, and run a 5k in all 50 states in 6 days! Like the Jared Campbell Episode 61, Josh is a spreadsheet maestro.

"The elite talent I lack can be made up for in logistical planning."

Josh lives in Michigan and sets FKTs in the western mountains - Midwesterners take note - you can do this!

"R2R2R.alt has the same elevation profile as the over-crowded R2R2R, but besides being much more remote and thin, requires you swim the Colorado River.  If you mess up, you'll really mess up"

"Yeah, you'll drown."

Josh tried it twice in November! With an incredible story each time, you really should listen to this.

"We sang along to a Ziggy Marly tribute video, ate frozen bananas and drank whiskey until 5am."

Definitely read his R2R2R.alt Trip Reports, "Exploring what's possible in a day": https://www.joshsanders.net/

Rails to Trails - check out these great routes: https://www.railstotrails.org/experience-trails/

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Josh and Buzz,

Fun! This is such an easy podcast to listen to, mixing information, humor, and entertaining storytelling throughout!

I love hearing Josh's motivation behind his unique approach to his big adventure running/FKT year and I totally agree, the magic is in the logistics!  That is one thing I love about the mountain/alpine FKTs. 

Josh, love your storytelling. Hope you get nominated!

with mountain stoke, 


This gives so much hope for those of us who don't reside in AZ or NV!  It can be done!