Podcast: Episode 66: Highlights from our first 6 months!

FKT Podcast episode 66 - Highlights

We created short selections from 7 of our best podcasts! Including our very first from September 2018. Each segment is only 3-11 minutes long.

  • #1 - Tony Krupicka - Longs Peak Duathlon - "Sometimes being successful means just getting back to the car. Alive."
  • #2 - Karel Sabbe - Appalachian Trail - "I start to hit my stride after 2,000 miles".
  • #7 - Christof Teuscher - R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R2R! - "If you're willing to put in the effort, what I thought was impossible is possible."
  • #10 - Heather Anderson - Calendar Triple Crown - "My mom still remembers the day 15 years ago, when I ran down the stairs yelling, 'I’m going to do this!'"
  • #13 - Jim Walmsley - R2R2R.alt - "I just took off and swam across - my idea was I wanted to set the tone - we're here to do it, we're not here to chicken out."
  • #17 - Peter Bakwin, Clare Gallagher, Tony Krupicka - FKTOY 2018 - "It's style versus pure performance."
  • #25 - Kilian Jornet with Matt Lefort - FKTOY EU; Bob Graham Round - "We think trail running is a new sport, but we cannot be more wrong about that".

Podcast music by Sage Baptiste (instagram.com/imsagebaptiste & @whatablr) and mixed by Kyle Richardson (instagram.com/kylerichardson).

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