Podcast: Episode 73: Ryan Atkins: Fast FKTs in New England (when he's not in Kauai or Manitoba)

Ryan Atkins - Fastest Known Time

A resident of Keene, NY, Ryan is one of the guys trading fast times on the Presi and Adirondack Traverses. They get after it, yet it's all one big friendly community.

"The previous record-holder came out and helped, making sure I knew the best ways to go."

His next project? 500 miles on fat bikes, unsupported, in winter, across Manitoba, on the "worlds longest winter road", the Wapusk Trail (Wapusk is Cree for "Polar Bear").  

"Our bikes with gear weigh 100 lbs. Last year we carried a shotgun."

The ride is fundraiser for True North Aid; follow their trip and donate here:  https://truenorthaid.ca/wapusk-trail-fat-bike-expedition-2020/


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I enjoyed this interview, but you guys should probably do your homework on the athletes you interview. You didn't know Ryan Atkins was into OCR?! Spend five minutes googling him and you will see that he is among the best OCR racers EVER. I think it's unfortunate that sometimes as athletes we get so consumed with our little corner of the sport world, we neglect what goes on elsewhere in the world of endurance achievement. I was hoping to hear how Ryan finds his OCR training benefits him during FKT attempts and vice versa, but unfortunately none of that came up. I would say that's a missed opportunity in terms of the interview. I hope you'll take this as constructive criticism as I really do love what you all are doing with the podcast. Just maybe a little more research would help have deeper conversations. 

Dang, I agree. I did not know Ryan did OCR; wish I had known. Good athletes don't like talking about themselves; so have to pry it out of them with a crowbar!  I always look them up on this website and Ultra Signup, often know them personally so have some insight of what to ask, but missed this with Ryan. And would also have missed his incredible Wapusk project if I hadn't asked at the end.  Next time.