Podcast: Episode 78: Amanda Basham & Justin Grunewald: on the Kalalau Trail

Amanda Basham & Justin Grunewald - FKT Podcast

Amanda and Justin were in Kauai to run the Kalalau Trail and thought to check it out. Ill prepared for the humidity, Amanda nonetheless decided to go for the FKT, and succeeded. Justin accompanied her going out (so she is listed as Supported) but then then fell apart from the heat.

"We were all wondering, 'where's Justin'? He was two hours late getting back."

Three days later he felt better, going an hour faster than Amanda and establishing the Male FKT.

Justin always brings attention to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation, which accepts donations, and was named for his former wife.

Gabe Grunewald (nee Anderson) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2009.  After that, she became a professional middle-distance runner, with numerous podiums, international appearances, and one national championship, often while having numerous organs removed. She founded the Brave Like Gabe Foundation in 2018 and died in June, 2019, 3 weeks before her 33rd birthday.   


Full CV

Amanda Basham

  • Age: 30
  • City: Arvada, CO
  • Done:  WS100 4th (x2), UTMB 17th, Tarawera 2nd, TNF50 9th, 10th
  • FKT:  Kalalau Trail (HI)
  • Next: 4 Passes Loop (CO), Soft Rock (CO), TMB (FR, IT, CH)
  • Instagram: @amanda_basham 
  • Twitter: @trainer_AB
  • Website: amandabasham.com

Justin Grunewald

  • Age: 34
  • City: Minneapolis, MN
  • Done: Way Too Cool 2nd, TNF50 3rd, Bandera 100k 7th
  • FKT: Kalalau Trail (HI) 
  • Next: Lake Sonoma 50, Superior Hiking Trail, R2R2R
  • IG justingrunewald1
  • IG Bravelikegabe
  • Twitter justingrunewald
  • Website: bravelikegabe.org



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