Podcast: Episode 84: How fares the Outdoor Industry? With Jonathan Lantz, President, La Sportiva NA

Jonathan Lantz - Fastest Known Time

Outdoor and running shops are closed!  Which is bad for us - but how about for the world's leading brand in mountain footwear? What does it look like from behind the curtain?

"It hurts. It's not easy right now. We hit the Pause button on our entire business in mid-March."

Jonathan Lantz is President of La Sportiva North America. This is a 93 year old company based in the Italian Dolomites. What does it look like over there?

"They can't go more than 200 meters from their house, they can't go outside to exercise; they can go to the grocery store and walk their dog, and that is it."

The Outdoor Retailer trade show was cancelled for 2020. Does Jonathan think Amazon will take over, or will brick and mortar shops still be a key part of the industry?

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