Podcast: Episode 86: Sarah Connor - 7 FKTs this last month! All from Connecticut!

Sarah Connor - Fastest Known Time

There was something wrong with our statistics: during April, there were 31 FKTs ... just from Connecticut! What's up with that? Turns out 7 were from ONE person?  Did Sarah Connor call the Terminator for help?

"There are a lot of people out there doing more impressive things right now; I'm just doing a lot of smallish ones. It's been fun!"

This is inspirational: you can be 100m runner and long jumper in high school, work at Starbucks in the morning, and set an FKT in the afternoon.  After your nap.  During a pandemic. 

"The cool part about FKTs is they bring to these trails you might not otherwise have tried out. I've tried a few trails I didn't even know existed. There's times when I didn't see anyone for 2 hours."

I was getting worried about our situation, but after speaking with Sarah, I feel hopeful about our future!

Full CV

Sarah Connor

Age: 31

  • City: New Haven, CT
  • Work/Occupation: I work at Starbucks, and I've coached running and rock climbing in the past few years.
  • Running Background: I was a sprinter and long jumper and primarily a basketball player. (I wouldn't run the 200m because it was too long, only the 100m.) Discussions with trail runners intimidated me, even after I started doing well in Ultras, because they always talk about "running" super long distances on super technical trails... but now I understand that we ALWAYS mean "run-jog-hike-snack-stretch, take a picture of our beautiful surroundings, repeat". 
  • Are you related to the Terminator?: I run to avoid the Terminator, until he is reprogrammed by my son in the future.
  • Social -‘Gram: @sjunebug 

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