Podcast: Episode 87: Pandemic: What we've learned, and what we can do now

Buzz Burrell - Fastest Known Time

Fastestknowntime.com volunteer Craig Randall discusses with Buzz Burrell that this virus is not going away any time soon ... so what are we going to do about it?

"We put our own country into a medically-induced coma ... I think it's time to revive the patient."

The pandemic is certainly an enormous tragedy, which we fortunately took extreme action to limit.  And now two months in, we have learned a few things so we can correct some early misconceptions, and hopefully develop a sustainable plan.

"Every day we have been counting the terrible illnesses and deaths. But we should also try to consider and avoid the huge collateral damage caused not by the virus itself, but by our attempts to control it."



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Show Take-Aways

  • CV19 does NOT "affect everyone" the same
    • 89% of fatalities had another health problem (co-morbidity)
    • 61% of fatalities in CO are from nursing homes
    • Young healthy people are harmed the most economically, while being harmed the least by illness
  • We successfully have "Flattened the Curve" - hospitals are NOT being overwhelmed
    • Many hospitals are struggling financially because they are empty
    • Hospitalization is not a key determinate of survivability - being otherwise healthy is the most important
  • We should remain safe
    • Follow local laws and mandates - being a bad citizen is never cool
    • Facemasks should always be worn indoors (besides in your home)
    • 6' Distance remains a good idea
  • Exercise outdoors remains the most healthy thing anyone can do 
    • It increases both immune resistance and survivability if the disease is contracted
    • Governors should have issued "Stay Outdoors" orders!
    • So always keep running, hiking, and riding!

Another Take-Away:  Courtesy is contagious.

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Interesting conversation, I agree with many of the things y'all said.  I especially love the "Stay Outdoors" order.  A couple points, from my perspective:

1) There are other possibilities that will hopefully be available soon, in between rules (stay at home, masks, physical distancing) and an eventual vaccine - notably:

a) Much more widespread testing (hopefully a rapid version) + contact tracing to tamp down flare-ups

b) Treatments to help people who get the virus to reduce deaths, minimize damage to the body, and perhaps make the experience less awful

2) If someone has information about proven immunity, I would be very interested in reading about it.  Until then, I'd suggest that it's irresponsible to imply that herd immunity is actually a real thing at this point.  Just my opinion!