Podcast: Episode 93: Larissa Rivers was the first Strava Run employee! Hear the inside scoop on the social network for athletes.


Strava is everywhere!  Quietly, not saying much, even though this company is fundamental in our recreational lives.  But what goes on behind the curtain?

Strava reminds me of Apple - the minimalist interface, the super clean look - and they don't spray, they let the products do the talking. 

We're focussed on what athletes need and want.  We were able to hire the best people in San Francisco because they believed in Strava - we're mission-driven, and they got to build products for a sport they really cared about.

Black lives definitely matter - how are you approaching the needed changes in our culture?

It's a privilege to do what we do - we run and ride anywhere we want in safety - it's a real learning experience to realize that's not true for everyone. The more you learn, the more you need to learn.  We're very committed to being anti-racist.

What should we know about Strava that we don't know?

"Local Legend" is new - instead of rewarding the fastest person, it rewards grit, persistence, and determination - whoever does a Segment the most times becomes the Local Legend (hot tip: the algorithm rolls over every 90 days.) 

"Route Builder" is also new - you can create and then follow your own route - we basically know where athletes like to Run and Ride, so that information is used to help you build your route.

Then there's the "Kudo Bomb" (what?) - it's a hidden "easter egg" that's not on any of the menus (!)

And yes, you can't find this anywhere else, but Larissa divulges how many Users and Activities are on Strava (you'll have to listen to find out)!

And lastly:  https://semi-rad.com/2020/07/some-strava-features-that-would-boost-my-self-esteem-and-general-morale/


Full CV

Larissa Rivers

  • Age: 42
  • City of residence: Louisville, CO 
  • Work/Occupation: Senior Marketing Manager, Strava 
  • Family: Husband: Brett, founder and former owner of SFRC, three daughters: Tamzen, Izzy and Finley
  • Running Highlights: ultrarunner quite a few times, not fast but not slow, switched back to 'shorter' distances last year and PR'd in the marathon, half and 5K. 
  • Social - -
    • IG: @larissa3963
    • Strava: strava.com/athletes/larissa

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