Podcast: Episode 99: Courtney Dauwalter - "I like to run really long distances" (and she's VERY good at it)!





Courtney once ran 279 miles ... and received a "DNF"!  Huh?  How did that happen?  

"They ring a bell when it's time to start, and if you don't go right then, you're out.  That's it."

"It takes two to tango, two to keep the game going, to see what's possible."

From choices of candy, to Bronchitis on the Colorado Trail, and the amazing world of Big's Backyard Ultra, Courtney offers wonderful, simple, and helpful insights.

"Running is so cool … it’s such a cool way to explore, and to spend time with people, and with ourselves.”

"Running is a choice ...to live our lives however we want, to make choice to do or not do things.  I'm choosing every day to run and explore these long distances because I love it.  To keep this perspective every day is helpful, and I feel very lucky for that."


Full CV

Courtney Dauwalter

  • Age: 35
  • City of Residence: Golden, CO
  • Family: husband Kevin
  • Work/Occupation: ultra runner
  • Running Highlights: exploring the really long distances (Editor: and wins at WS100, UTMB, and Tahoe 200)
  • Social - - -
    • Facebook: Courtney Dauwalter
    • Instagram: @courtneydauwalter
    • Twitter: @courtdauwalter
    • Strava: none

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