Podcast: Episode 19: FKTOY Final Results

FKT Podcast - FKT of the Year final episode

Part two of our special Fastest Known Time of the Year Awards concludes, with the #2 and #1 winners, female and male.

All four winners are interviewed for this episode, describing how they did the super-cool FKTs that won them the awards. Who are they?

"I planned on running TNF then with no race to run, went after this iconic FKT instead."
- "It was so fast, was it like a time trial?"
- "It was a long time trial!"


"I really surprised myself when I finished, because that wasn’t the plan. I planned to take more rest but I didn’t feel the need when I was out there, I was just moving, then at the end it was 'wow', I was 7 hours ahead of schedule."


"I’m super excited, I have goosebumps, I feel this is the Oscars of FKTs, or maybe the Critics' Choice Awards."


"Most of my strength comes from enthusiasm."