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Coming to you every Friday: interviews with FKT-setters and other athletes in the world of Fastest Known Times.


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Category: Person-Person

Rob and Mike not only did a great route in fine style, but their photo went big in the FKT world.  (It should be on the cover of Outside Magazine!)

R2R2R.alt runs across the Grand Canyon, with the same distance and elevation profile as the very popular (overpopulated?) Rim to River to Rim to River to Rim route.  Big difference:  there is no bridge across the river - have to swim!  

"When Mike texted saying he wanted to do this route, I said, 'No way.'" - Rob

Category: Topics

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Hydration, electrolytes, cramping ... do you need to know more?  Of course you do!  This podcast delivers excellent information - Andy knows what he is talking about - and our own Allison Mercer tested the products.

We used to be told to drink up to a gallon of water per day - but more people are hospitalized with Hyponatremia than dehydration!  Now we're told to "Drink when thirsty" - is that correct??

Category: End of Year

The finale! Voters selected the top two FKTs in Europe for Female and Male, from a Nominations List of 23, out of 1,308 FKTs set in Europe in 2020.

Each one is different. Each person tells their story, in their own words.  Listen up!  And read the full article here.

Category: End of Year

There were 1,308 FKTs set in Europe in 2020.  A panel of experts nominated 23 of the best, then they voted.  Here is the #3 Woman and the #3 Man; next week we hear from the Top two’s.

We start with an Introduction to the European FKT with Matt Lefort, a native of France, who’s been living in Andorra for 12 years, and just moved to Norway. He offers good insights that set the stage.

Category: End of Year

Listen to the amazing stories, directly from the people who did them! Wrapping up the 2020 Fastest Known Time Of the Year Award for North America in this order:

Sabrina Stanley - #2 Female - Nolan's 14
2d 0hr 49m; 100mi; 42,000'

Joe McConaughy - #2 Male - Long Trail
4d 23h 54m; 273mi; 65,370'

Category: End of Year

This is a big podcast!  We hear stories from who the voters selected as their most inspirational FKTs.  In this order:

Adam Kimble - #5 Male - Tahoe Rim Trail
1d 13h 12m 15s; 170mi, 26,913'

Alyssa Godesky - #4 Female (tie) - Adirondack 46 High Peaks
3d 16h 16m; 160mi; 67,412'

Category: End of Year

There were 2,784 FKTs set in North America in 2020 - yikes!  How do we sort them out, and find the coolest ones?  Hillary and Alex are here to help.

"Women set FKTs this year that were the fastest Overall - Hillary"

"There were 10 different FKTs on just the Wonderland Trail this year - Alex"

"Joey's Unsupported time on Nolan's beat the Supported times of some of the best runners anywhere"

Category: Topics

YOU asked, and the experts answered!  These are just some of the questions from our listeners - - -

What type of sun protection is best?

"I'm a fan of covering up" - Mary

"A hooded shirt is the way to go" - Andrew

Is "Sunscreen the New Margarine?" - Buzz

How much of a difference do trekking poles make and how to know when to use them?

Category: Topics

Sean McCoy has been with the Gear Junkie since this excellent website was started 14 years ago - he knows gear!  Need a holiday gift idea?  Wondering what you need for your next FKT?  Sean has been there, seen that - what are his recommendations?

"I'm an adherent to the 'buy once, cry once' philosophy - if it's a sport you're committed to, get the best now, and then use it until it falls apart."

Oldies But Goodies

Category: Highlight

Four short highlights from Season One you may have missed or need to hear again.  The best 10 minutes from each!

Episode 1:  Tony Krupicka on the Longs Peak Duathlon (our most listened-to podcast ever).  Free-soloing is all about "how you feel".

"Sometimes being successful means just getting back to the car. Alive.”