Route: Across Pennsylvania from Colliers, WV to Camden, NJ

Submitted by Cainleathers on Wed, 01/04/2023 - 10:25pm
Pennsylvania, US
361.23 mi
Vertical Gain
26,348 ft

I ran across Pennsylvania from Colliers, WV to the middle of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which divides Philadelphia and Camden. So I traversed the entire state. Originally intended for it to take 7 days, but thunderstorms, a tornado and high temps extended that trip to 10 days! 167 hours, 30 minutes of total trip time, including breaks, and finished just under the 10-day mark. I did this run to raise money for The Trevor Project, and support LGBTQIA+ youth suicide prevention. There was an article following this run that was posted in Runner's World, as well as several other media outlets (see link below).