Route: Berumda Railway Trail (Bermuda)

Submitted by RussTannen on Tue, 03/30/2021 - 08:54am
23 mi
Vertical Gain
961 ft

"The trail's origins go back to a time when the Bermuda Railway was the primary means of transportation for islanders. The train, known as the "Old Rattle and Shake," operated from 1931 to 1948, running from St. George's Station in the east to Somerset Station in the west. In 1964, the remaining right of way was transformed into a trail for walkers and cyclists. The trail was designated as a National Park in 1986 and is maintained by the Bermuda Parks Department"

For this route I linked the eastern section and the western section by going via Hamilton where the original train would have stopped.

There are a number of bridges which no longer exist, most notably effecting the Eastern section of the route. Beginning in the East the route starts at Kings Square in St Georges and follows the road causeways before picking up the Railway Trail near Wilkinson Memorial Park.