Route: Green Lane Reservoir Loop

Submitted by Mike Cappi on Thu, 12/22/2022 - 08:28am
Pennsylvania, US
11.6 mi
Vertical Gain
1,158 ft


11.6 mile looped route starting from the center of the main Green Lane Park lot where it intersects with the Perkiomen Trail. Started north to connect with the Blue Trail across Green Lane Rd and Hill Rd along the SW side of the reservoir in a clockwise direction.

Made a hard push from here for about 30 mins staying on the blue markers of the trail along the way. Connect Blue Trail to the Red Trail at the furthest point north, then hug the reservoir as you follow the red markers until mile 7. 

The trail then forks, and you’ll stay close to the reservoir by taking the right fork onto the Honeysuckle (yellow marked) trail. This is quite fun with more hilly and technical terrain that stays close to the water. It would be ok to also take the parallel red trail but I recommend not skipping this section as it provides the greatest bit of enjoyable footwork and short hill climbs on the entire loop.

Cross Knight Rd to connect back onto the Red Trail, following it to the Green Lane Connector Trail. This will start to bring you towards the SE part of the loop where you will cross Hill Rd by Gravel Pike.  This will connect to the Perkiomen trail where you will head west, the last stretch of trail before arriving back to the parking lot.

I believe a lot of time could be taken off of this in more of a tempo style effort. Stick to the marked trails and avoid the ones the lead down private property. Follow the water and the signs and you’re sure to have a great time on these flowy trails with easy route finding and beautiful views.

Happy to give this hometown route a good push while home from SLC visiting family. The nostalgia was brewing throughout as I recall hiking this in 8 hours 6 years ago and feeling like my legs were going to fall off by the end. It’s fun to see what a few years of training on the trails of SLC can accomplish.