Route: Yarra Ranges 4 peaks (Australia)

Submitted by lukegardner1 on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 03:19am
Victoria, AU
69 km
Vertical Gain
2975 m

Starting in the town of Healesville, you make the climb up to Mt St Leonard via Lowes Rd. climbing over 1000m you reach the summit and a tower with views out across the valley to the bay. From there you follow a rolling dirt road that turns into a 4x4 track to Mt Monda. surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and green ferns. then starts the steep decent into the maroondah dam catchment area where you run along side the famous dam. you then begin a gruelling climb up Mt Riddel. Once you reach the summit there's a gradual decent before the final climb to Mt Dnna Buang where you will be greeted by a second tower and more spectacular views.

- Submitted by Luke Gardner

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