Article: Short, steep and full effort: Joe Gray Reveals FKT Motivations

By Craig Randall on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 02:35pm
Fastest Known Time Colorado 14'er Joe Gray

None of Joe Gray's fastest known times exceed 90 minutes. He recently set the FKT on Mount Antero. We asked him a few questions to understand his motivations. Not surprisingly for such a dominant racer, Joe's FKTs center around his racing goals. But will he tackle some longer classic routes in the future? 

FKT: Has the floodgate been opened: are you going to tackle more Colorado 14'er FKTs from here on out?

JG: I will definitely attack a few more 14'ers, still gotta figure which ones!

FKT: What does it mean to you to get an FKT?

JG: For me they are good tests of your fitness. Getting an FKT can mean that you are ready to toe the line at a race.

FKT: What was the hardest FKT you've set? Why?

JG: The Manitou Springs Incline was the toughest. Halfway up I thought I was kaput. The trail gets steeper from there so I had to really battle mental negativity 

FKT: You're known as a super fast runner in shorter distances; would you ever consider attempting a 5 or 10 hour long FKT? If so, which one inspires you?

JG: Yeah I would love to attempt a longer one as a fun adventure. I haven't pinpointed one yet. Give me some ideas!

Call for comments: knowing Joe's proclivity for short, high effort FKTs, what route would you want to see him attempt?


Well, since Joe invites suggestions for longer FKT efforts as well, I'd love to see him go for the Maroon Bells 4 Passes Loop!  This is the best marathon-length adventure run in Colorado, with a strong history of fast times.  It would be great to see what he could do there!