Route: Harzer Försterstieg (Germany)

60.5 km

The Harzer Försterstieg is an almost 60 km long, signposted and marked hiking trail in the districts of Goslar and Göttingen in Lower Saxony (Germany). The trail leads from Goslar via Wolfshagen in the Harz Mountains, Lautenthal, Wildemann, Bad Grund (Harz), Buntenbock and Lerbach to Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken near Osterode in the Harz Mountains. The trail passes three reservoirs: Granetalsperre, Innerstetalsperre and Sösetalsperre. The trail is marked by a green oak leaf. The Harzer Försterstieg has its own website: http://www.fö

--submitted by Detlef Bonnemann

GPS Track


For my FKT run I followed the GPX track from the tour portal of the Harzer Tourismusverband e.V. ( or This track shows the official course of the Harzer Försterstieg, but shows slightly different start/finish points:

  • Officially, the Harzer Försterstieg begins immediately before the "Kaiserpfalz Goslar". There is a corresponding marker in Google Maps: "Harzer Försterstieg". The GPS coordinates are 51.902851, 10.425774
  • Officially, the Harzer Försterstieg ends at the "Kohlungsplatz" in Kamschlacken, a (parking) spot at the northern end of Kamschlacken. There is a corresponding marker in Google Maps: "Harzer Försterstieg". The GPS coordinates are 51.764478, 10.393070

For my FKT run I used these official start/finish points.

On 05.04.2020 I could run in best weather: sunshine, temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees. During the first 15 km the track was blocked several times by groups of fallen trees, which I had to climb over or avoid. At one point there was no getting through, here I had to switch to a bypass. Some sections of several hundred meters each were not walkable. Here a thick layer of branches and twigs allowed only careful walking. The rest of the route consisted of easy to run paths.

Hi Jon-Paul, congratulations on this fabulous time. Respect!