Route: GTAA - Grande Traversata delle Alpi Apuane (Italy)

Submitted by Lapo Mori on Thu, 05/14/2020 - 03:38pm
Lucca, IT
53 km
Vertical Gain
5074 m

Full traverse from South to North of Alpi Apuane.

The GTAA is a spectacular traverse that cuts South-to-North the full length of Alpi Apuane and can be done in either direction. It follows the main trails but also goes up a couple of important summits such as Pania della Croce and Monte Matanna.

Start from the town of Torcigliano (water available) and go up Monte Prana. Down to Campo all'Orzo (water available just before the saddle), then on Trail CAI-101 to Foce del Termine and then up to the summit of Monte Matanna. From the summit, follow the ridge down to Callare di Matanna and then up the summit of Monte Nona. Follow the ridge down (very exposed) and to Foce delle Porchette. From there continue until Foce di Petrosciana and then on CAI-131 to Foce di Valli; then up until Passo degli Uomini della Neve and all the way to the summit of Pania della Croce. The last push to the summit can either be on a very exposed grade IV (spigolo Est) or via Vallone dell'Inferno. From th summit descend on the north face to Foce di Mosceta and then all the way down to Isola Santa on CAI-9 via Col di Favilla (water available). Go up to the summit of Monte Sumbra on CAI-145 via Capannelli di Careggine, then down to Passo Fiocca and continue on CAI-144 to Passo Sella. Continue to Monte Tambura, Monte Crispo and then down to Passo della Focolaccia. Go through the marble quarry and all the way to Foce di Cardeto. The pass by Rifugio Orto di Donna and end at the parking lot at Fanfaretto (Vinca).

Submitted by:  Lapo Mori

Route updated with GPX from Alberto Canessa:  "I suggest to change the route description having it end straight in Vinca as in the new gpx file, and not in Fanfaretto, which is a parking in the middle of nowhere."


Great effort Alberto! Congratulations!