Route: Peak District Boundary Walk (UK)

United Kingdom
292.6 km

A 191 mile route circumnavigating the UK's first national park. A combination of rugged Pennine moorland and more gentle farmland. The Peak District National Park was inspired by the Kinder Mass Trespass in 1932, which helped open up the British countryside to the common man. The Peak District sits between the major metropolitan areas of Manchester, Sheffield and Derby. Despite being so close to these urban areas, this National Park includes some of the most beautiful countryside in England. See for more information. 

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I will attempt a self-supported FKT on this route starting Monday morning 12/16/19. 

Starting at 7:45 this morning from Buxton Townhall.

Not very well lol. Days were so short and I was grumpy ha. About to start again though

On Friday 3rd July at 6am UK time I’ll be attempting a supported FKT of the Peak District Boundary Walk.

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7:36am 31/08/20 at Kings Head to start anticlockwise self supported hike. I don't think there is an FKT so hopefully I should have the SS FKT anticlockwise. 

Hi Mariela. I failed to complete it AGAIN! LOL 

Third time lucky this summer! 

The first time days were just too short and the way wasn't marked enough and I didn't have a good GPX for it so I got thrown off so many times so I quit after 60 miles because it was just so frustrating. 

The second time I got blood blisters under my toenails and quit after 60 miles going the other way! 

At least I've done more than half of it now. So I will be back this time better prepared. Are you thinking of doing it?