FKT: Patrick Sanan - Züri Oberland - Höhenweg (Switzerland) - 2020-05-16

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Standard route
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9h 59m 1s
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I made two small detours from the official route, both of which I am confident made the route slightly longer, slower, and more difficult.
1. The trail through the Wildpark Bruderhaus was barricaded, because the park is closed due to the pandemic, so I used alternate trails going around it, instead of straight through it.
2. One section of the trail just before the Köbelberg was completely blocked due to logging, so I took an off-trail variation over a bump on the ridge, instead of traversing around it.

Winterthur to Rapperswil on Regional Route 69, unsupported (though there are tons of water sources so I never had to carry more than half a liter.) Superb cool weather except at the end!