Route: Great North Walk (NSW, Australia)

New South Wales, AU

The Great North Walk is a 250 km long walking track between Newcastle and Sydney. It was completed in 1988. It is well marked, and traverses a fairly populated area of Australia. A 100 km and 100 mile footrace is head each year along a portion of the GNW.

GPS Track


Chris Wilder came close, with a time of 2d3h29m (supported), 28-30 April 2018.

Trip report:

An epic adventure. Had a goal time of 60 hours and no thoughts of the FKT so to go within a few hours of that time was incredible for me. Joe Ward (current FKT holder) and many others as pacers and support crew. Looking forward to going back for another shot in the coming years.

I will be attempting the gnw 276 in a supported fashion heading from Newcastle to Sydney. I’ll be starting 6am Friday the 19th. I will be catching a boat for patonga to Brooklyn and due to high chance of coming into Sydney early in the morning with no water taxies or ferry’s I will most likely drive the last water section from woolwich to circular quay. 

On 1st September 2020 I completed the GNW in an unsupported, hiking (and sleeping!) fashion. It took me 5 days 23 hours.

I don't think this is a particularly competitive time in this style (3 days might be), but wanted to give this type of trip a go.

I believe with the 20% rule (an unsupported FKT needs to be within 20% of the supported/self-supported FKT?) you'd need to go sub-50 hours unsupported. I've love to see someone take a shot at this!