Route: Pine Knob - Whitetail Trail (PA)

Pennsylvania, US
10.6 mi

From the Forbes State Forest brochure:

Pine Knob Trail—Just 2 miles long, stretching from the picnic area to Pine Knob overlook. Parallels Lick Run for parts of its length. The elevation changes about 700 feet from its lowest point of 1,440 feet above sea level at the picnic area, to about 2,130 feet at the Pine Knob Overlook. Be prepared for a 4 hour roundtrip. Pack plenty of liquids during summer and warm clothes in the winter.

Whitetail Trail—Spans approximately 9.5 miles from Pine Knob Trail to Quebec Run Wild Area. Passes through rugged and beautiful scenery, as you traverse the Chestnut Ridge. Best access at Lick Hollow picnic area via Pine Knob Trail, Quebec Run Wild Area north gate, or midway at SGL 138 parking area along Skyline Drive. Make a challenging 11.5 mile traverse by starting at Lick Hollow using Pine Knob Trail, and end at Quebec Run.

My description: Start at the sign at Lick Hollow Picnic Area that says "Nature Trail/ Pine Knob Trail/ 2 Mi. to Overlook," and run up Pine Knob Trail, a big switchback until you see the Whitetail Trail sign on the left. Turn left (skipping the overlook), quickly turn left again on a slick muddy forest service road, run about a mile, then turn right back onto the single track. Follow the red blazes to make the complete traverse of Whitetail. Keep your eyes on the red blazes - lots of twists and turns. End after a climb out of the creek, crossing Quebec Road when your feet hit the parking lot, signifying the finish. A variety of loose rock, wide, leafy ditches, narrow, sloping switchbacks, fun single track, clear-cut crossings and connections, steep pitches, creek crossings (you'll get your feet wet), moss-covered ground, often wet and muddy. Point-to-point. Stats from my Garmin fenix 5: 10.36 miles with 2,530 feet of elevation gain and 1,801 feet of loss.

--submitted by Brynn Cunningham

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Attempting this today! :)

Becky, how did it go? Let me know if you need some more beta.