FKT: Dave Phillips - Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path (United Kingdom) - 2021-03-28

Route variation
One way
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Total time
1d 2h 16m 5s
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Set off 11pm Friday. It generally went well but I suffered from a lack of sleep towards the end with some hard going beach and dune sections. Amazingly crewed by Steve at a distance in line with current guidelines, thanks mate. I would recommend the route, amazing scenery. The target was sub 24hours but a few stops were needed towards the end so this slipped a bit. Thanks to Ric for the help with gpx mapping beforehand.


If you look at the data he spends at least 90 minutes running at 1 minute a mile pace plus his heart drops at the same time from 140 to a resting 80 which would signal travel in a vehicle

Hi I was Dave's crew for this fkt. You are accusing us of cheating. I crewed the whole thing and at no point did Dave travel by vehicle, not only would this be pointless because you'd be cheating yourself which is not Dave's style at all but there are hardly any roads. I was driving a 2013 Vauxhall Corsa so we could hardly have gone off road.

Where in the data do you see him running 1 min miles? 

I am in no way involved with this FKT, but WTS's comment did prompt me to take a look at the data, and I think I understand the confusion. There are a few points in the Garmin pace data where Garmin displays Dave's pace as exactly 1:00/KM, and his heart rate does drop at those corresponding times. However, if you look at the GPS dot itself, it doesn't move at all. The most likely explanation is that Garmin's system defaults to displaying "1:00/KM" during stopped times, and that those "running at 1 minute a mile [KM]" sections are in fact where Dave was taking the "few stops" needed towards the end mentioned in his writeup. That would explain why his heart rate dropped, why the GPS dot didn't move, and why the "pace" data during those sections displays as exactly 1:00/KM, which if you think about it would be impossible to exactly do in a car anyways given stop signs, hills, etc. I'm sure steven/others involved in the FKT have more details, but in my view that's the most likely explanation for WTS's comment. 

I definitely believe that integrity in FKTs is important, but I do think that this is also an important lesson in giving athletes the benefit of the doubt and not jumping to conclusions of cheating or other malpractice based solely on reading of GPS data or other report details. 

Well done Dave, this is a great run and a huge accomplishment. Your Garmin data looked absolutely fine to me and simply confirmed an awesome run! You started out so fast, I suspect with the adrenaline of a man on a mission!