Route: Trans Crimean Mountains

Submitted by mult_yaxa on Mon, 06/15/2020 - 05:08am
Respublika Krym, RU
Crimea, UA
232 km
Vertical Gain
12,350 m

One of the most beautiful route across Crimean Mountains with crazy "sea & mountain" views, uphills, downhills, rocky parts, forrests and almost flat Crimean plates parts. It is very different from start to finish: rocky parts Conviniant for Suported and Self-Supported (there is some stores along the way) formats. For the Unsupported format you should specify real conditions of natural water sources, because usually from the summer time till late autumn there is not so much water.

"This route goes across the most popular and beautiful touristic routes in the mountains. And I made it, because since 2015 me as a part of the team Run X Run organized here trail running competition - 4 days stage race Crimea X Run. For the base for the route I took our CXR 2019 track, but it was only from the start (Balaklava) to middle part of Crimean Mountains, although there a lot of beautiful places further to the East. This route covers almost all Crimean Mountains along sea coast, it is very logical. I had consultations with local trail and touristic communities, and later redaction is 100% best.  Start point - Balaklava embankment near fortress. Finish point - Sudak embankment near Genoese fortress, almost at the end of the Crimean mountains."


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