Route: Denali Park Highway (AK)

Alaska, US

Running the 92-mile highway through Denali National Park.

63.1148002, -151.1926057



 I am going for your record. I will be unsupported. I worked with your friend Brandon in Fruita, FYI. Cheers

Not to be too much of a buzzkill, but I just don't see how this qualifies as an FKT.  The guidelines specifically state "The route must be notable and distinct enough so that others will be interested in repeating it" - I just don't see how an otherwise random 94 mile stretch of highly trafficked mostly paved highway that hasn't seen a repeat attempt in a decade qualifies.

While I agree the guideline of "notable and distinct enough" can be a little fuzzy sometimes and has perhaps been generously adapted lately, I don't know if this is a great example to go after. Personally, as someone who visited all 417 national park units (back when there were only 417), I'd consider this particular road totally iconic and memorable. Of the other memorable and iconic National Park roads that exist, I would personally choose this one as the coolest and most appropriate for an FKT!  Of course it's a separate debate about how much "adventure" should be incorporated in an FKT, as certainly running a paved road is inherently less exciting than any trail route :)  But it's tough to really nail down what is or isn't FKT worthy, because there's so many people with so many perspectives. I can only say I'd be thrilled to attempt this one day if I got the chance, personally, and indeed it's on my FKT-route bucket list!

Your fkt is 14 mi in one of most visited parks in country. A lot more adventure can happen on the Denali ROAD then gooseberry cyn. As someone who has done white rim In every way possible, I can argue that though the white rim is highly trafficked, it is a solid fkt. Having run the white rim a few days ago, there is opportunity for some “adventure.” Carrying and drinking 28 pounds of water adds a different flavor to the route, fir example. 

It is a dirt road. The last time I tried to attempt this fkt, I had to abort due to a mamma grizzly and cub parked on road fir hours. I wanted to continue but was ordered into a bus. More adventure than lots of fkts. We all have a bias on what an fkt is. I think short stuff isn’t real enough. Running a random dirt road in Iowa is a little silly. The only road In Denali national park?, yes.

Memorial weekend, I will attempt Denali Road unsupported West-east FKT. This route is the only road through 6 million acre DNP. Although it does not have significant climbing or technical issues, the logistics involved can be challenging. At any time, your attempt can be ended due to interactions with moose or grizzly bear. As the bus is not running to end of road, I will run 40 mile approach the day before. Cheers

Let’s try this again! Technically, this should be called the Denali Park Road. This is the road bisecting Denali national Park. I will attempt this route unsupported beginning Wednesday AM starting in kantishna and finishing at Parks Highway. This route is a dirt road. The challenges include logistics in getting to the start, road conditions which can include landslides and most importantly, errant and grazing grizzlies. The last time I attempted this route, I pulled the plug due to a sow and cub that were on the road. There is no real safe way to bypass the bears though you can go cross-country around them conceivably. I’ll post my tracker