FKT: Samuel Forsyth - Five Peaks Traverse (OR) - 2021-08-03

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open course
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12h 10m 27s
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Started at pole creek at 5:53 in the am. 2:15 up to north. Middle summit at 3:17. South summit at 5:27 in. Broken Top at 7:49 in, roughly. Summit of bachelor around 11:15ish in (didn't know which was true summit, so I stopped at them all). Back down to highway across from dutchman sno park where car was waiting at 12:10:27 total time. Thoughts- It was hard. I'm happy to be done. Fully solo for the whole trip. Packed everything with me. Brought a sawyer for filtering water.


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Do U have Pictures of required Central Cascades Wilderness permits traveling through those areas for Aug 3rd 2021 ?? so it’s a legal FKT?? Because it’s required to have those now..  if Not then it’s Not a Legit/Legal FKT.. & you’ll have to do it again with active permits/authority for that day.  

JJ: Respectfully, I don't think that's accurate. The US Forest Service webpage about the Central Cascades Wilderness permits (…) states that "All overnight visitors to the Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington and Three Sisters Wilderness areas as shown in the maps" and "Day only visitors to the trailheads shown in the maps" are required to have a Central Cascades Wilderness Permit. Given that this was a one day effort, Samuel is not an overnight visitor, so doesn't need a permit on that front. In addition, as stated in his report and as evident from his strava file, he started from Pole Creek, which is not a trailhead covered by the permit system and requires only a standard self issue day use permit (map is here: I've been wrong before, but as far as the Forest Service guidelines go Samuel's effort did not require a CC wilderness permit, and thus should be celebrated as the FKT (which I'm sure is also why it was verified and posted as such). 

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Sam! I just want to say congrats on your FKT. What an impressive effort! And also, I'm so sorry you've received so much poor sportsmanship through your FKT attempts on the peaks in the Three Sisters Wilderness. That disappointing attitude is not reflective of the FKT community or the sports of trail running and alpine badassery - which are full of encouraging and supportive athletes. One of my favorite aspects of going after an FKT last summer, was that the current record holder responded to my attempt with overwhelming excitement and support - she even showed up to pace and crew me because she wholeheartedly wanted me to have my best run, because she knew my best run would help encourage the next woman and the next woman and the next woman to chase big things, too. We all build off of each other's successes in this sport, giving one another higher and higher marks to aim for, and we really couldn't push ourselves as much as we do, without the hard work and gritty performances of those who have come before us and inspire us to dig even deeper and aim even higher ourselves. The perpetual momentum of raising the bar for each other is what fuels FKTs to get more and more exciting every season. And the widespread support and stoke for that reality - and for each other - is what makes this community so special. I hope your next attempt introduces you to the many, many, many athletes in this community who will be excited to see you chase down big things - and succeed.

John's explanation of the permitting system is also my understanding of it -- though I believe the USFS has not been totally clear. My hunch is that they're still figuring it out since this is the first year of permitting for this area. In any event, the lack of sportsmanship by JJ regarding this particular route is disappointing and a poor reflection of the running community. Emily, well said and thanks for speaking up. Sam, huge kudos for your effort and congrats on your achievement. I attempted this one last year (same route as you, Pole Creek to Bachy) and absolutely loved it. I bonked on BT and dropped at Todd Lake. I hope to go back and tag all 5 and am inspired by seeing you go back and get it after your GPS issues on your first attempt. Cheers!

Sick run Sam! I think the already stated understanding of permits on here is accurate. I did the circumnavigation (slow lol) and was explicitly told by a ranger I didn’t need to get permits for areas like obsidian and the brief moments I was on the South Sister section bc I started/ended at Pole Creek. I asked specifically about the 5 peaks as well and was told if starting from Pole Creek you don’t need one. 

Go after the 3 peaks man! Excited to see what you could throw down for that. 

And yeah JJ man, not really a cool way to congratulate someone on a killer effort. Could have easily been an email to FKT or message to Sam himself and probably could have tossed in a “thatta boy” for Sam. 

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Good Job Samuel Forsyth!! ??