Route: Dorset Coast (UK)

United Kingdom

A route following the Dorset coastline. From the Devon-Dorset border, via paths, trails etc which keep you closest to the coast, to the Dorset-Hamphire border. Also completing a loop of the Isle of Portland along the way. The route is approximately 100miles with around 17,500ft of ascent. 

Start timings could be important with this as at Lulworth Ranges the gates need to be open and no firing happening. Also to cross the water at Studland the Sandbanks ferry needs to be running.

There are races which happen in this area but none are border-to-border.


Daniel Williams submitted the route & announced his intent to run it:

I'm running the route solo starting 22:00hrs Friday 12th April 2019, seeing how quick I can do it. The run will be supported and it's a charity fundraiser for the Jurassic Coast Trust.
We are also having online tracking via Race Drone, as I type this they've yet to set up the tracking page >