FKT: Dominik Ramin - Højlyngsstien (Denmark) - 2021-08-27

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Total time
8h 9m 13s

Six days after finishing "Schwerin Seentrail 61k" I decided to go for this one - even though this incredible route deserves a fully recoverd runner! To make a longs story short: I walked this one home...

I decided to take the "official" track from the danish Miljømministeriet ( and run the track from the north (Sandvig) to the south-east (Årsdale).

Bornholm is a very unique island and offers so much different landscapes - if you're in good shape, you will enjoy this route so much!  Thanks for reporting it to fastest known times!!!  So much up and down (my Garmin FR945 saved over 1000 vertical meters!), single trails, sometimes hard to run (always watch your step!), then gravel sections (bike path) and some transitions on small roads with pavement.

Highly recommended!!!

For the records: got water at 28k, 33(?)k and 55k, falling a little short and asked other people on this track for helping me out*.  Went with normal shoes (Hoka Clifton 7).

*Admin note:  Because of getting water from other hikers Dominik's run is self supported rather than unsupported.


Thanks for publishing!  Bornholm is such a nice place and this route really worth a second visit!  I'm going to come back and try it "unsupported"!