Route: Højlyngsstien (Denmark)

Submitted by tortocnt on Sun, 10/18/2020 - 01:04pm
67 km
Vertical Gain
940 m

Bornholm is a small Danish island in the Baltic Sea with a highly varied nature. There are vast sandy beaches, deep forests, rocky cost-lines, fine lakes and water-marches ideal for birds and many animals. Just recently the Danish ministry of the environment open a new spectacular trail (Højlyngsstien) crossing the island from the east to the north-west, connecting most forests/woods and several other nature reserves as well as cultural and historical sites. The trail is approx. 67 km and have 940 m elevation and can be run in either direction.



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On August 27th, I did an FKT-Attempt, which is under review right now. Managed the beautiful route in 8:09:13 from north to south-east, unsopported.