Route: Battlefields and Borderlands Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by joel.geyer on Sat, 04/03/2021 - 10:17am
United Kingdom
67.1 km

This circular 42 mile route has been developed by two local history and walking enthusiasts. The route can be broken down into nine short sections, details which can be found in the accompanying guidebook.

The subject area of this route is best known for the Battle of Bosworth, which saw the death of Richard III and the rise of the Tudor dynasty in 1485, but so much more has happened here over the past 2000 years, as the borderland of the East and West Midlands was caught up in countless national challenges and changes.

As the route passes through Sibson, there is a connection with Dick Turpin, the infamous highwayman and the land near Wellsborough was once owned by the husband of Lady Godiva. In Cadeby, there is a connection with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Later the route passes several deserted villages from the Mediaeval era and then the motor racing circuit at Mallory Park.

Between Stoke Golding and Higham the actual battlefield of Bosworth is crossed and finally the route goes through Mancetter, where it is believed Boudica fought her last battle.


Nice to see this route has already been uploaded and completed. I plan to attempt this route on 7th October.