FKT: Corin Kwasnik - Maunakea / Mauna Kea (HI) - 2022-04-19

Route variation
ascent from Hilo
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 11m 44s

Running from Hilo to the summit of Mauna Kea was an awesome way to explore the country side of Hawaii. I left boston as 3am on April 18th to start my transit to Hawaii. After a full day of traveling and landing at 7pm in Kona, I quickly gathered my supplies and woke up on the 19th at 4am for the sea to summit FKT. I started exactly at 4:45am from coconut island in Hilo. I followed Bayfront, turned up Kaumana until it merged with saddle road, then continued up saddle road until the turn on Mauna Kea Access road. I followed the access road up to visitors center and then continued another 8 miles on to summit. My pack weighed just under 18lbs which had all my food for the day and most of my water. Although I did fill up water for free at the visitor center, I still consider this to be completely unsupported. Overall, the first 30 miles flew by as I ran 10 min/miles for the first 5 hours. The next 14 mile stretch had 7300ft elevation gain and definitely slowed me down as I gained altitude. This route could definitely be done faster if someone was previously training at high altitude.


Congratulations, awesome effort!

Straight from Boston, I love it, no stuffing around with acclimatisation or any other distractions!

Cheers, Mike H (former not-so-quick Sea-to-Summit runner)