Route: Dartmoor 500 (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom
102.1 km

Simon Evans submitted the challenge:

Starting and finishing at the Warren House Inn (on the B3212), visit all 52 of the tors on Dartmoor that are at least 500m above sea level, in a sequence of your choosing. If the highest outcrop is not summited (e.g., if it's too technical), you can run the long way around the back of the tor.

The tors are defined following Ken Ringwood's book Dartmoor's Tors and Rocks, and are as follows (in alphabetical order): 

Beardown Tors (513m; SX60277731)
Black Tor (502m; SX56818924)
Braddon Tor (514m; SX62337990)
Branscombe's Loaf (538m; SX55308912)
Chat Tor (542m; SX55528528)
Conies Down Tor (533m; SX58907912)
Cosdon Beacon (550m; SX63619149)
Crow Tor (501m; SX60637878)
Devil's Tor (549m; SX59647962)
Dinger Tor (542m; SX58658814)
East Mill Tor (513m; SX59938987)
Flat Tor (541m; SX60898153)
Fordsland Ledge (585m; SX57598884)
Fur Tor (572m; SX58758306)
Great Kneeset (567m; SX58898587)
Great Links Tor (591m; SX55078676)
Great Mis Tor (538m; SX56267690)
Green Tor (543m; SX56198643)
Gren Tor (516m; SX55118796)
Hameldown Beacon Rocks (517m; SX70837875)
Hameldown Tor (529m; SX70318057)
Hampster Tor (618m; SX57968949)
Hangingstone Hill (596m; SX61588622)
Hare Tor (531m; SX55088424)
Herne Hole Tor (500m; SX57857450)
High Willhays (621m; SX58028924)
Higher Dunnagoat (562m; SX55748649)
Higher White Tor (527m; SX61977859)
Hunt Tor (562m; SX55688753)
Kit Rocks (520m; SX61318275)
Kitty Tor (579m; SX56718745)
Little Crow Tor (500m; SX60697876)
Little Kneeset (506m; SX58588409)
Little Links Tor (520m; SX54728698)
Little Tor (531m; SX58789062)
Little Whiten Tor (501m; SX61487869)
Longaford Tor (507m; SX61577794)
Lower Dunna Goat (557m; SX55778636)
Lower White Tor (507m; SX61937923)
Lydford Tor (510m; SX59927816)
Lynch Tor (517m; SX56568054)
North Hessary Tor (517m; SX57877423)
Rough Tor (547m; SX60607982)
Sharp Tor (519m; SX55058480)
Sittaford Tor (538m; SX63328299)
Steeperton Tor (532m; SX61848888)
Steng-a-tor (541m; SX56778801)
Thirlestone (526m; SX62918713)
Watern Tor (537m; SX62938672)
West Mill Tor (541m; SX58769094)
Wild Tor (531m; SX62308764)
Yes Tor (619m; SX58089014)

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I’m planning an impromptu attempt at this on Sunday 22nd May. Not sure if I have support or not yet!