Route: Down East Sunrise Trail (ME)

Submitted by toddrunswild on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 02:06pm
Maine, US
87 mi
Vertical Gain
2,000 m

Down East Sunrise Trail is an 87 mile wide unpaved multi use trail.  It is the longest continual section of the East Coast Greenway.

GPS Track


I will be attempting to set the supported OKT/FKT on this trail on Friday July 17th at 4am starting at the western terminus at mile post 0.0 in Ellsworth and finishing at the eastern terminus at Ayers Junction. 

Hello. I am going to attempt an unsupported FKT on the Down East Sunrise trail. I plan to start 9/4/21 around 8am at Ayers Junction trailhead and will go west to the Ellsworth trailhead. 

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I will be attempting a self supported FKT of the Down East Sunrise Trail.  I plan to start at approximately 8pm on Monday 7/4/2022 from the SW terminus at mile post 0.0 in Ellsworth and finish at the NE terminus at Ayers Junction.

It was not in the cards for me this time around. I had to bring it to an end after 50 miles.  I will try again in the future.  - Greg Legier