Route: Risco De Famara (Canary Islands, Spain)

Submitted by George Leigh on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 03:53am
Canary Islands
23.57 mi
Vertical Gain
2,736 ft

An epic loop taking in the most striking feature of the North coast of Lanzarote, Los Riscos De Famara. Following the technical coastal trails from La Santa round to Famara. The route quickly steepens as you follow this fantastic ridge with stunning views. The scrambling is technical at times with a head for heights required but if you are there with little wind it has an amazing feel to it. Once on the summit, its likely you will be deep in cloud that often blankets the ridge, this will be a welcome rest bite from the heat. Contouring around the valley, the descent is steady and magnificent with views of both coastlines giving a sense of scale to this stunning weather beaten island. Heading down into Teguise the route then steers towards the distant village of Soo, which seemingly never gets any closer as you cross the soft sandy plains. Once into Soo the descent back to La Santa is fantastic with the wind invariably in your face it is a cooling break from the intensity of the sand. Some technical trails to finish this route that in sections is done regularly but very infrequently completed as a full loop. 


Hey Gael, I try to do the route in January. Would be great if you can report how the off-grid climb went. I am not entirely sure why this route goes off-grid while there is a perfectly nice trail below, but maybe reality looks different from maps :)

Hi Carina, sure tomorrow is D-day, I'll keep you posted with my experience of it! 

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I checked out the off grid part and decided that it is too difficult for me. There is a perfect trail heading to the summit where I saw a lot of trail runners. If you want to be safe (if you are not experienced climbing) maybe try to do this variation of the tour.