Route: La Grande Traversée des Sentiers frontaliers - SF1 - Chartierville à Woburn

Submitted by David Bombardier on Mon, 06/27/2022 - 06:52am
82 km
Vertical Gain
4,200 m

This is a hiking trail that you usually do on a multiple days trip. From Chartierville to Woburn, by the SF1 all the way. Around 82K and 4200 meters of elevation gain on a pretty remote trail that follows the border between Canada and the US and goes on top of the montagne de Marbre and Gosford. The trail is not easy to follow, even with the markers, and it's worst at night, so if you ever try that, be well prepared! Don't think you'll be able to run a lot, because you don't see what's on the ground most of the time, and it gets worst in July... You don't have a lot of escape routes if something goes wrong and there's poor cell phone reception, so have the map on your watch and in your phone, and a GPS emergency thing like Inreach.


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Raymond Lanthier & Marc-André Brière

Will be attempting la Grande Traversée des Sentiers Frontaliers (FS1) from Chartierville to Woburn in 2 weeks on May 27th 2023.
This attempt will be supported.