Route: Towers Rd, Horsetooth Mtn Park (CO)

Colorado, US
14.1 mi

Towers Road, in the Horsetooth Mtn trail system, is a well-established Fort Collins time-trial route - mainly for mountain bikers, but also for trail runners.

The FKT route begins at the trail map in the Soderburg (lower Horsetooth) parking lot. Begins with a .4 mile singletrack connector to Towers Road where you make a left and head up the mountain. Near the summit, Towers forks. Take the left fork, followed by a quick right at another fork. Route ends with a slap of the building through the clearing after the right fork. 3.4 miles with 1,800' of climbing.

There is a Strava segment for this route, which records more recent FKTs.


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Profile picture for user Moondog is 14.1 miles? Just wondering, because this would be pretty amazing times for 14 miles.

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My bad, nvm! I looked up the route on Strava. Wish I could delete my question! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!