FKT: Glyn Price - National Three Peaks Challenge (United Kingdom) - 2023-08-03

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running between THs
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9d 16h 40m 19s

Having travelled up independently via public buses from South Wales to Glasgow and then Fort William and then spending two nights camping in Glen Nevis campsite before hand. I set off on Tuesday morning on the 25th July 2023, from Ben Nevis (Scotland) starting at Glen Nevis hostel entrance embarking on the challenge of a lifetime.

My goal was to record the best time I possibly could completing the National Three Peaks solo (self supported) by foot.

The previous record for this 16 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes and 51 seconds set by James Forrest. 

Using an LTE tracking device provided by I started this device at rhe foot of Ben Nevis and turned it off at the end of the challenge at the bottom of the Llanberis, Snowdon Path (train station entrance) after completing the National Three Peaks.

This was an incredibly tough challenge which took a lot of logistic goal planning leading up to the event working out how I would eat, how I would sleep and how I would survive on this journey both mentally and physically. 

For this challenge I stayed in a one man bivy tent for 4 nights, the entrance of a church having to seek refuge from bad weather, a motorway service station, one in a hostel and the remaining in hotels. I had to carry all of my own equipment in my back pack and resupply with food and drink en-route.

Not only did this challenge test me to the limits physical having had 2 falls and pushed my muscles to the max but it tested every ounce of my mental resolve. There were many times when I wanted to give in but completing this challenge however, I was re-motivated by the lovely comments received friends and family online that I was receiving throughout my constant facebook blogging.

I am no stranger to the National Three Peaks. I am a qualified mountain leader, ex-fire fighter and current high school teacher delivering expedition skills to students. Over the years, throughout these roles I have had the pleasure of leading many groups in completithe National Three Peaks in 24 hours on the more traditional way of driving between the routes.

In addition only last Christmas I took my own daughter who became the youngest girl to complete the National Three Peaks in bad weather conditions at just 5 years old.

Whilst at the time of writing this report my muscles are extremely sore, however I am grateful to have had the chance to have completed this extreme challenge. 

I am pleased to confirm my official time of 9 days 16 hours 40 minutes and 19 seconds. 



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Amazing effort Glyn! Just wondering, the recorded FKT in the table says 9 days bit your report says 19 days? Suspense is killing me to see if you've just smashed the current FKT by James by that much! 

Hi yes, was 9 days, 16hrs.......was a tough slog I have emailed in to highlight I have done a typo error (they have it recorded right on the front record page and attached you can see the gpx file for full details)!!! athlete previous record he took a scenic route with long of road sections if memory serves me well, mine was following the direct route, some dodgy roads to say the least, no pleasantries along the way only stopping for a toilet, quick food purchases and a few hours sleep. Traveled light with a super light cofin tent with a tiny pole (not great but did the job)...Although one night and possibly the lowest part of the trip I stayed in a church entrance.

Just about to take on the Welsh 3 Peaks record Solo record (starting New Years evening) which currently stands at 3 days 4hrs with the fastest supported time standing at 1 day 23hrs both completed in the summer months. Me being me I am a glutter for punishment and am trying to come inside both them records solo and in the worst months you could do this challenge with the poor weather and limited daylight hrs. 

Doing it for charity this time:…





You. Are. An. Animal!! Haha. 

I've been looking to do this challenge for a while (possibly in the next 2-3 years). A bit stubborn myself I thought 'I'd have a chance of beating the current FKT by James'. Not by you though! I think that one will stand for many years to come. Well done mate. You animal!

Good luck with the upcoming FKT attempt! Be sure to let me know if you have any social media so I can keep track and support. 

Thanks, is definitely some areas you could save a bit of time.....but it's not one I would do again (never say never)!! challenges like this work for me as I am not as fast as some of them boys but can operate on very few hours sleep each 24hr period consecutively.

Someone like that Rehan Greeff could do it as he has done the route before supported so would know what to's all in the organising before knowing where to stop for food and to charge devices at same time......also a time savings on when to rest could be better (although you have to stop running by 11/12pm in highlands as midgets are too much even with a net on)...once past loch lomond you are free to push more hours!!!

Happy to help if you want to do at any point, ai did reach out via messenger to James Forrest, James Parsons and Rahan Greeff to get some intel before doing it.

One thing I would say if you do it do it for charity, I did not do the National 3 Peaks for charity and feel it was a wasted opportunity do do some good.

Focus is on the Welsh 3 Peaks Monday now!! this will be the hardest yet with the weather, daylight and worse yet the fact I will be trying to stay awake for just under 48hrs continuously with only a couple of food and recharging devices stops!!!




Ps add me on Facebook I always hire a live tracker, so people can follow me live!!