FKT: Yoseph Levin - Palisades Giant Stairs - 2023-07-04

Route variation
Long loop
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Total time
43m 38s
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I love technical and it is my strength - as supposed to running speed - so this FKT is up my alley.

The Giant staircase is a playground for me! So much fun! Though not as much when my heart rate is through the roof before I even get to it.

I did a nice long warmup and then headed out hard. Conditions were hot and humid, the ground was wet but not too bad, the second part of the scramble was much wetter and there was lots of 'controlled slipperage'. Thanks to the earlier thunderstorms the trail was pretty much empty so I didn't have to slow to pass people.

I was well spent by the end after the climb up so I feel I gave it pretty much everything I had.


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The Giants stairs isn’t the staircase at forest view is the almost one mile of boulders that’s the giant stairs.