FKT: Jake Anderson - Ozark Highlands Trail (AR) - 2020-12-06

Route variation
Sylamore Section (31.6 miles)
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 11m 15s

This is why I love trailrunning...Mel and I started with a great drive to the Spring Creek TH, checking out some sights along the way. Our plan was for her to meet me at Mocassin Springs TH (mile 9ish), Brush Creek TH (mile 18ish), Twin Creek crossing of Push Mountain Rd (mile 23ish) and Matney Camp pullout (mile 28ish). Everything went perfect, she has this crewing thing down! The first nine miles of this track will wear you down as it's virtually impossible to get any rhythm on the technical, leaf covered, punchy climbs and descents. Feel like 90min on this section is respectable. The next 8 miles allow for some quicker miles mixed with more technical stretches. A few of the climbs are quite taxing but are all runnable. Brush Creek to Twin Creek has a very rocky section on the ridge before the big descent to the creek. For me the toughest climb is back out of Hollow after the Twin Creek Rd section, but once past that the rest of the way to Matney is more manageable. My goal was ducking under 5 hours and felt my effort was there all day, but just barely missed it. It was a great day though and was able to drop the FKT by about 7 minutes. So grateful to have the ability and means to be able to go out on these adventures and to have a wife that enjoys it with me.


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Great effort and report!