Route: Pacific Crest Trail - Section A, Campo to Warner Springs

Submitted by Gabe Peterson on Sun, 05/03/2020 - 05:57pm
California, US
104 mi
Vertical Gain
16,217 ft

The first section of the fabled Pacific Crest Trail, starting at the border in Campo and ending at Warner Springs.

GPS Track


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I'm surprised there is not already an established FKT for this section of the PCT.  Since my 100 got cancelled, considering taking a shot at the FKT for this section (assuming it is safe).  And possibly the other sections in Southern California in the future.  Looking at Karel Sabbe's Strava data from his PCT FKT, it appears he did this in about 39:18.  Any other accounts that beat his time?

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This one has been on my list since I created the FKT route back in 2020 but something always came up. Well, I'm finally going to tackle it tomorrow with my buddy Jose Sosa. We're planning to go unsupported. The crux seems to be the limited water on the route, especially the second half, so cool weather is key. We're getting a favorable weather window before rain and possibly snow next week. Should be an adventure!

Going for it