FKT: Kasper Vanherpe - GR 129 (Belgium) - 2024-07-04

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I started this adventure at 0800 Hr in Brugge on 30th of Jun, nice sunny and clear day. We did some last check with the crew and made last minute a watchapp group... I totally forget that part. All the rest was done, we toke a pictured with an old school camera, this give me a better and nicer feeling than all the digital ones.

The moment I left, I had the feeling it was more like a Sunday long run and not that I will run for the next 4 days... After 45 Km my shoes seller show up, never expected that because, I don't really know him. But it was nice, we had a long and smooth talk and a good pace. After he left me after +/- 10Km another mate that lives in the area showed up out of nowhere, like the first guy. Just a super nice feeling, random friends or unknown people showing up to support you. After he left I was back alone, just enjoying the feeling from the ground below my feet and the rhythm of running.

I saw the crew +/-20 Km, just perfect. When I arrived everything was done: food, drinks, first aid (in case),... that day ended for me at kilometer 143. The plan for the sleep, 1Hr of prep (eating, drinking, feetcare,...), 4hr of sleep, 1Hr to left. So 6hr of rest in total.

Day 2

I left the Flanders and when in to the Walloon region of Belgium, more trails = more mud, small pools and bushes (nettles and blackberries plants in general). It was breaking always the pace but it's part of the game. Also, some friends showed up, with 4 bikers (bad idea) an 1 runner. They joined me for 20 km from 1cp to the next. It was all the way fun on the road specially with the bikes (normal bikes no MTB) al the small tracks, up and down… Not well prepared. They day stopped for me around 0000Hr around kilometer 270. We did the same 6hr of rest.

Day 3

First part was quite technical because of the wet rocks in combination with going down and in the afternoon the mud was just more than the day before, I was not thinking that was possible. This was a long day because no friends or pacer on the route but we did what we need to do.

Day 4

In the morning a friend of mine (Thomas, the first one that got the FKT on this route) was there for pacing me the first 60 Km and then one of the crew joined me for the next 40 Km. Its was the same on the route as the day before, a lot of mud and plants. But more concrete running as well. At the last post some of my family members were there, super nice and means a lot for me!

Day 5

The last day, this was the best day because you know you are almost there so you want to keep going and going fast. It was more concreted road, not really nice but just keep going and pushing it. Also, this day one of the crew members joined me for 45 Km.

The last 5 km I just started running like I normally run, faster because I wanted to try to Finnish bellow the 30  Min, but no, it was 32min.

I was really happy I was at the finnish just knowing that its done after 4Day 06Hr and 32Min.


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The GR129 is maybe not the most beautiful one in Belgium but it's a one that give you a good mix between concrete and trail routes and of course a nice challenge for crew and runner to compleet