FKT: Aaron Castanon - Palo Duro Canyon R2LH2R2R - 2023-02-25

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4h 12m 0s

Started at the CCC trail and ran down into the Amphitheater parking lot. Crossed the road into the pavilion parking lot and turned right into the Kiowa trail. Ran across the street after the Kiowa trail into the GSL trail until I reached the Light House trail and turned right to get to the lighthouse saddle and took a picture. Ran down the light house, continued back until I turned into the Rojo Grande trail, and eventually sunflower trail to get to the Rock Garden trail up to the rim for 2.5 miles. Got to the rim and couldn’t find the 2.5 marker but eventually did and took a picture. Ran down the Rock Garden trail, took a right into the Lower Comanche and straight into the Upper Comanche trail. Ran across the pavilion parking lot and street to get back to the CCC trail for the final climb to the rim. I brought enough water and nutrition in my pack to minimize and stops. Overall was a fun run to do and will definitely try it again to beat my time!