FKT: Aaron Keckley - Quebec Run Outer Loop (PA) - 2020-12-12

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 44m 51s

Started the Quebec Run Outer Loop at 7:09 Am Saturday December 12, 2020. Hadn't ever been to this trail as it is over an hour away from home.  But I wanted to mix things up. The loop is roughly 10.5 miles and the terrain was very rocky in places.  The Loop consists of four main trails, Miller trail, Mill Run trail, Tebolt Trail, and Hess Trail.  I started just as the sun was coming out and my main concern was going off course.  There are a lot of intersections that can be confusing, but once i figured out that the main loop is blazed in red, I felt more confident. This is a small loop, but she is a gnarly one. You can make really good time on Miler Trail and Mill Run Trail, but once you hit Tebolt Trail, it gets really technical in places and all the climbing begins.  This route surprises you and keeps you paying attention to foot placement constantly. There were times I had to hold back and be patient to maintain a steady pace and not go too hard.

Gear used: Altra Lonepeaks, Vaporkrar waistpak, Nathan bottle, headlamp.