Route: Quebec Run Outer Loop (PA)

Submitted by Brynn Cunningham on Fri, 06/26/2020 - 02:22pm
Pennsylvania, US
10.43 mi
Vertical Gain
1,883 ft

Rugged, rocky, technical and well-marked single track popular with backpackers for the creek-side, primitive campsites, as well as mountain bikers, in Quebec Run Wild Area. The outer loop takes you around the whole of Quebec. Begin at the North Gate parking lot, and run down Miller Trail (a one-mile descent). Turn onto Mill Run Trail to run along a creek, then follow Tebolt Trail, also running along a creek, with many steep dips into rocky stream beds that eventually climbs a long, gradual hill consisting of loose, large rocks. Turn right onto Hess, which flows up and down though rock gardens and smooth, soft ground, and follow it back to the North Gate parking lot, where you began. Ferns and mountain laurel create a lush, green backdrop in the spring and summer for this challenging run. The surface/terrain is some of the more technical in the region, and combined with the beauty of the thick forest, this is a must-do for locals and visitors alike. 

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A friend and I (female duo-unsupported) are going to run this loop this week and see what we can do! 

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I reversed the direction, which was not wise. So the final ascent was more runnable than the gradual, rocky downhill earlier on which did not make for good trail math. However, I just completed a double loop last weekend that I am sending in. It was brutal having to be so acquainted with such a myriad of rocks on that second loop.